Teeth Whitening: Orangeville Practitioners Use Ezlaze for Quick, Bright Results

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Brightening a Smile with Laser Treatment


A visit to the dentist has never been so inviting with the latest technology for professional teeth whitening. Often, the foods we eat and our daily habits can discolour a person’s teeth over time. That, in addition to a genetic disposition for naturally dull looking teeth. Discoloured teeth can also point to an underlying tissue infection requiring treatment. Fortunately, Orangeville residents have access to a group of dental professionals who offer a teeth whitening laser treatment.


There are many reasons why a person’s teeth may become discoloured. Some causes of tooth discolouration include:

  • Drinking beverages such as tea, coffee and red wine
  • Using select mouth rinses
  • Taking prescription drugs such as tetracycline
  • Aging
  • Genetic disposition
  • Fluorosis, (overexposure to fluoride in the first eight years of development)

Pain-Free and Hassle-Free!


There is no reason a person should be self-conscious of their smile with this new teeth whitening technology! It has never been so easy to treat discoloured teeth with this comfortable and pain-free approach to whitening. Orangeville patients need not feel anxious about teeth whitening. The laser therapy now available to Orangeville patients uses Ezlaze which, not only achieves dramatic teeth whitening results, but also helps to treat existing infections in the soft tissue and gums. In applicable cases, the Ezlaze can remove soft tissue lumps in a quick and pain-free manner!


Traditionally, dental professionals use a bleaching technique. The active ingredient in this procedure is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Using either of these ingredients, the enamel on the tooth is made lighter in colour by a chemical reaction over time. The dental team uses a tray that is made to fit your mouth for the whitening process and a shield to protect your gums from damage. Multiple visits are required for this traditional approach to teeth whitening and it can take up to four weeks for the full treatment. While bleaching has been the go-to option for teeth whitening, the procedure usually delivers 90% effective rate.


Light Years Ahead


However, Orangeville practitioners now use this unique laser designed specifically for the dental profession. It has the ability to whiten the teeth without causing any discomfort thanks to a unique wavelength of 940 nm developed specifically for the dental industry. The wavelength of this laser is absorbed more effectively into the bloodstream, so it cuts tissue effectively at a low amount of power and uses less heat to do so. This unit also offers the dental practitioner optimum precision for cutting soft tissue, without causing discomfort. It’s not only used for teeth whitening procedures, but different oral procedures. This specific feature of the unit reduces the amount of time the laser is cutting tissue. Only a topical anesthetic is required for patients as a result. This is an added benefit for the patient!


Teeth whitening now looks brighter for Orangeville patients who have had some reservation about a painful and uncomfortable procedure. By using a dental practitioner who specializes in laser treatments, you can enjoy the esthetics of teeth whitening and the benefit of healthy oral care using the Ezlaze system.
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