Dealing with Sharp Tooth Pain

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Dealing with Sharp Tooth Pain


Sharp tooth pain can be a completely debilitating experience, even for people with high pain thresholds. This type of pain can make it nearly impossible to complete important everyday tasks such as concentrating on work or eating your favourite foods.


If you are experiencing sharp tooth pain, it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible to diagnose the cause of the pain and to take the necessary steps to alleviate the pain. Unlike other sources of pain in the body that can dissipate over time, sharp tooth pain will almost always require some type of corrective action to alleviate the discomfort. A dentist will be able to identify the source of the issue using an oral exam in the case of decay, a cracked tooth or a loose filling. X-rays may be required in order to diagnose issues with the pulp tissue or nerves inside of the tooth.   


Once the issue is correctly identified, the dentist can explain the best course of treatment to correct the issue and eliminate the pain.



Seeking Treatment As Soon as Possible


Visiting the dentist as soon as the pain is experienced will have many important benefits such as:

  • Reducing suffering from the pain and getting back to your normal life
  • Reducing the potential for complications that can occur as a result of untreated issues with the tooth (for example, a decaying tooth that is not repaired will eventually need to have a root canal or be extracted)

Some people may not seek immediate assistance for sharp tooth pain due to fear or anxiety of visiting the dentist. The evolution of dentistry and the advancement of technology have made it possible for more pain-free techniques to be employed by dentists. This includes the use of lasers in dentistry for many different types of procedures, such as precisely removing tooth decay. With laser dentistry there is no need to fear the sound of the drill as there is only a highly focused beam or light and water. The use of lasers leads to significant increases in speed for many procedures, as well as some procedures becoming relatively pain-free with no need for anesthetic or needles.


In the event that a more serious course of action such as a root canal or extraction is required, the dentist can explain what is involved and address any of your concerns.



State-of-the-Art Dentistry


Credit Creek Dental is a state-of-the-art dental office located in downtown Orangeville. The services offered feature the latest technology for dental procedures such as the Waterlase MD system, 3D digital scanning and digital x-rays. 


Credit Creek Dental is proud to offer a relaxed and comfortable environment with full service dental solutions for the entire family. The knowledgeable and friendly staff is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of every patient while providing the highest quality of care for both new and returning patients.


When you are experiencing sharp tooth pain, get the help you need to alleviate that pain and get on with your life. Visit Credit Creek Dental to discover how comfortable and relaxing going to the dentist can be. 

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