Tips to Help You Explore New Painless Dentistry Options

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It is no secret that many people dread going to the dentist. When it comes to the fear of potential pain, many patients have opted to avoid the dentist. As a consequence, these individuals who put off having dental treatment suffer for years with toothaches, infections and poor appearance. In the end, it is in everyone’s best interest to find ways to overcome dental fear of pain and make dental treatment a calm and safe experience. It is helpful for many people to know they are not alone, and that help is available. The best thing a patient can do is talk to their dentist and let them know how they feel. Together, you will be able to explore all the options available for a painless dentistry experience.

The following are a few tips to help you explore new painless dentistry options.


Topical Anesthesia


Topical anesthetics are a method of pain and discomfort relief. Topical anesthesia, or numbing gel, can be used to numb you gums or other tissues before an injection, so you do not feel the needle glide in. Topical anesthetics are available in the form of ointment, spray or gel. They are available in flavoured topical anesthetics, which are especially useful if they are applied in the mouth.


DentalVibe Injection Comfort System


DentalVibe is a cordless, handheld device designed to reduce the pain and fear associated with the dreaded dental injection for adults as well as children. DentalVibe can be used with any dental anesthetic injection syringe to deliver comfortable injections in all areas of the mouth. The device will give off a vibration sensation when applying the injection at the same time so the vibrations can take away the sense of pain.


Dental Anesthetic Wand


The needle is a major cause of stress in the dental office. It is painful and uncomfortable for the patient. The Wand provides a painless, stress-free alternative to dental anesthesia via needle and syringe. The Wand delivers a computer regulated flow of anesthetic and is comfortable to hold. This means your injections will be consistent, accurate, and painless for the patient and the dentist.


Laser Dentistry


If you consider yourself somewhat of an anxious dental patient and are seeking extreme safety and comfort, you might consider laser dental procedures. Dental lasers provide patients with precision treatment that may minimize pain and recovery time. Some of the reasons dental lasers contribute to painless dentistry include:

  • Procedures using soft tissue dental lasers might not need stitches
  • Certain laser dentistry procedures do not require anesthetic
  • Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding
  • Damage to surrounding tissue is minimized
  • Wounds heal faster and tissues can be regenerated

It is important to have a dentist that you trust and are comfortable communicating with. Do your research and connect with a local dentist who is using new technologies to learn more. There is probably nothing that can be done to make dentist appointments fun and enjoyable, and to have complete painless dentistry, but with a little planning, it is possible to make dental visits less scary and less painful. 

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