Gentle Dentists in Orangeville: New Era of Dentistry

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Safe and Sound: Gentle Dentistry for Anxious Patients


Gentle dental practitioners recognize many patients are anxious or even fearful of keeping their regularly scheduled dental appointment. Many are shifting to a new approach to dental care through the use of pain-free lasers for many typical procedures. Gentle dentists in Orangeville are embracing this shift and working to create a positive environment for their patients. The routine procedures of the "old days” of dentistry often resulted in many uncomfortable visits in the chair. The application of lasers in the industry now allows for dentists to offer a safe and comfortable environment - encouraging and promoting consistent oral hygiene through this shift. Orangeville patients are often at ease and feel more comfortable in the hands of these gentle dentists.


The dental industry has incorporated laser use for procedures since 1994. Over time, the technology has improved, opening new doors for both dentists and patients. Lasers can be used as a dental instrument in two ways. One, as a cutting device, the laser vapourizes tissue it comes into contact with in very precise fashion. The second approach strengthens bonds between tissue, such as curing a filling. Teeth whitening uses the laser as a heat-source to enhance the effect of tooth bleaching agents.



Laser Dentistry Benefits


Dental lasers have tremendous benefits to the patient and the practitioner!

  • Some laser treatments do not require anesthesia
  • Soft-tissue procedures using a laser eliminate the need to use stitches
  • Blood loss is limited and infections prevented due to the high intensity of the laser light
  • Better precision in soft tissue repairs
  • Wounds heal faster and tissue regenerates quickly

It is estimated that six percent of dentists offer laser treatments to their patients. Gentle dentists in Orangeville have created a practice that offers nothing but laser alternatives to the traditional approach to dental care. The following procedures are used with lasers in these offices:

  • Detecting cavities
  • Dental fillings
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Crown lengthening
  • Periodontal gum treatment
  • Soft tissue folds
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental implants
  • Gum recontouring

Lasers developed specifically for these dental treatments is used by Orangeville dentists. For combatting gum disease, the Periowave non-thermal light laser combines with a photosensitizing solution to kill bacteria. This treatment is simple and comfortable for patients. The procedure stimulates the soft tissue, resulting in a faster healing time.


So how does someone become a new patient of a gentle dentist in Orangeville? The first step is to book an appointment of course! Expect the first visit to take a little longer as the team will want to gather some information about the patient. A thorough exam is conducted and x-rays taken to assess what treatments will be required. If a patient is transferring in, advise the professional booking the appointment so they can arrange to have any dental records transferring in ahead of the appointment. Once you enter the office, you’ll know you made the right decision with a friendly team that understands the needs of their patients. That includes creating a positive and comfortable environment in which the latest dental procedures are carried out professionally and with the patient’s best interests in mind!

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