What can I do about my chipped tooth?

By M.G.
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Hi Credit Creek Team!
I am in need of some immediate assistance with an issue I'm having. I chipped my front tooth and I'm mortified! I have very brittle and weak teeth, I think it is due to my lack of calcium but more importantly....what can i do about my chipped tooth issue. I have been trying to find a dentist in the orangeville area that can help me. What are some of the options available to me to help fix my chipped tooth?
Any help and advice would be great.
Thank you


By Credit Creek Dental
We can totally understand your concern!
Let's fix that tooth immediately. We don't want it getting any worse.
Hopefully, A filling will take care of your cosmetic concerns today.
Secondly, lets find out why it happened and make sure it doesn't happen to you again at a worse time!
Call us now! 519-940-1119
So we can help you smile again!
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11 months ago
thank you for sharing :)