Treatment for Crowded Teeth in Adults

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Treatment for Crowded Teeth in Adults 


Hi There,

I was wondering if I could get some assistance in learning my options for treatment when it comes to crowded teeth. I know that maybe this is something I should have taken care of when I was younger but I have just kept putting it aside.

What can I do now as an adult in terms of treatment for something like crowded teeth? Help! 


By Credit Creek Dental
Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for young kids!
There are options we offer for adults. In our office, we have “invisalign” and “6 Month Smiles”.
Each individual case if different, so it is recommended that you make a consultation appointment to see what options would be best suited for you. 
Interested in learning more about the orthodontic treatment available at our Orangeville dental clinic?
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Remember to reach out to a member of the Credit Creek team for more information about the orthodontic treatment options available to you.