Restorative Dentistry Orangeville

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Restorative Dentistry Orangeville
laser dentistry orangeville
The laser works for cosmetic enhancements, it also provides an extremely easy and comfortable way to safely reshape their teeth and recontour their gums. Minimized bleeding, no sutures, minimized chance of infection.
Laser dentistry orangeville
The friendly staff at our Orangeville office can offer more information about laser dentistry and the recontouring procedure itself and answer any other questions or concerns you may have, contact us to book a consultation or visit
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Thank you for the positive feedback everyone!
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last year
its like plastic surgery but basically for your face. didn't know recoutouring was a thing.
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2 years ago
I wasn't aware that people had the option to reshape their teeth and gums! Great to know.
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2 years ago
No sutures? laser dentistry sounds like the way to go