Overbite Treatment Cost

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Overbite Treatment Cost

I have been wanting to get help for my overbite for some time now. At my last dental visit I overheard the dentist say something like I have a 60% overbite (I may have misheard the exact amount) does that sound accurate?
Should I be concerned about getting my overbite corrected and how much does a procedure such as this normally cost?


By Credit Creek Dental
Overbite of 60% is slightly on the higher end of normal, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is something that needs to be corrected, as long as its not damaging your lower teeth.
If you notice any chipping/wear of the lower front teeth, or thinning of the enamel on the upper front teeth, then it may be worth considering treatment.
This treatment would be done in the form of orthodontics/braces. Without knowing how complex a case is, it is difficult to provide any sort of estimate of cost.
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