My Teeth Look Transparent!

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Hi Team,
I need some help! My teeth look transparent....if that is even possible. Why do my teeth look transparent, what can I do to stop this, reverse it or fix it! I dont know what to do and I need help right away, I dont feel like smiling anymore :(
Thank you 


By Credit Creek Dental
That's a great question!
It is actually a very common problem for our patients. We deal with this concern all the time!
This usually happens when teeth are worn down and patients are grinding and thinning out their teeth.
The enamel becomes so thin, like a stain glass window.
We have several solutions to help with this cosmetic problem.
Sometimes it can be as easy as a filling material placed on top of the tooth. There are more costly options
as well for those who desire a ceramic solution, like a crown or a veneer.
We can figure it out for you very quickly and easily. Just call us to book a free consultation!
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11 months ago
thanks for the info!