Dental Erosion Treatment

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Dental Erosion Treatment
I'm not too sure if this is what I have, but based on what I have been reading so far I think I may have dental erosion. What is dental erosion, what causes it and what are my treatment options?
I have no idea what to do, could someone please give me some advice or treatment choices for dental erosion?
Thank you


By Credit Creek Dental

Hi there!

Thank you for your question.

Enamel erosion is the wearing away of dental enamel. It can be caused by a variety of factors, such as poor diet (soda, acidic food) or even improper brushing techniques.


Acid breaks down tooth enamel and damages the surface of the tooth.

Contact us to book a consult to get a proper diagnosis and see what treatment options are right for you. 
Learn more about the Dental Erosion treatment options available to you through our Orangeville clinic.
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Thank you for getting back to me about dental erosion treatment, this is definitely an area I am going to be needing help with!